Officers and Board of Directors



Chairman: Theodore A. Scharfenstein, Vice Chairman: Michael C. Shea, James Destino, Donald E. Sudbay, Jr., Richard Meringer, Joseph Parisi III, Todd Tanger, Katherine Lamson and Margaret A. Murphy.



  • Margaret A. Murphy, CFP®
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Elizabeth A. Scott
    Senior Vice President, Retail Banking
    Compliance Officer
  • Matthew R. Langis
    Vice President, Investment Representative
  • Thomas J. Queeney, CTFA, CFP®
    Vice President, Trust Officer
  • Susan J. Ellis
    Assistant Vice President, Parker Street Office Manager
  • Maria C. Barkhouse
    Administrative and Marketing Officer
  • Renée D. Libro
    Assistant Vice President, Commercial Banking
  • Marcia J. Budrow
    King Street Office Manager
  • Sandra A. Corrao
    Assistant Vice President, Retail Lending
  • Sally A. Frithsen
    Customer Service Officer
  • Lori G. Rostkowski
    Senior Vice President, Loan Administration
  • Michael J. Luster
    Vice President, Commercial Banking
  • Maureen S. Burke
    Vice President, e-Banking and Operations
  • Marianne E. Dean
    Assistant Vice President, Retail Lending
  • Kathryn E. Limone
    Branch Operations and Security Officer
  • Grace L. Brown
    Operations Officer
  • Maria I. Medina
    Main Street Office Manager
  • Victor V. Conigliaro IV
    Information Technology and Information Security Officer
  • Almiris M. Contreras
    Beverly Branch Officer
  • Stephen VanDerwerken
    Commercial Banking Officer